Monday, April 19, 2010

6 Months

So the fact that Colin will be 7 months this week, and I'm just now getting to his 6 month post, should tell you how busy my month has been. I will get to all of that on the next post and just focus on my little guy's first and only HALF birthday.

The Stats: 6 1/2 Months

Height: 25 and 1/8th inches (10th percentile)
Weight: 14 Lbs 8 oz (5th percentile)
HC: 45.4 Cm (75th percentile)

Mr. C is changing and growing faster and faster these days. One day I'm surprised and shocked by a new little trick and the next day it's something completely different. Slow down son! So these days he's..

* Sitting up all by himself (for the most part). He's more interested in scooting and rolling all over that he rarely will just sit.
* Scooting and Rolling EVERYWHERE. I was hoping to hold off the baby proofing a bit longer, but this boy can get anywhere he is wanting to.
* Got his first hair cut.
* Spitting up MIGHT be getting better. Every time I start to think it might be gone, he goes through a period of time that it is so bad. Hence the might.
* Has quite the giggle box.
* "Talks" nonstop. He is rarely awake and just quiet. In fact he talks in his sleep. We will be driving and I will hear him just babbling away. I think he is wide awake, but then look back at him and he is (not so) sound asleep. He almost has Da da da da down. Or some form of that..
* Loves the Ladies. The older, the better. Whenever we are in public he always gets swarmed by old ladies, and he will just put on the biggest show for them.
* Still chewing on that index finger.
* Started to like his pacifier. I'm hoping it's just since he's teething, but it does keep that finger out of his mouth. Which keeps from gagging himself.
* Tried peas, carrots, oatmeal, green beans, avocado, bananas, apples, pears, and sweet potatoes. He is a really good eater and likes just about everything I've given him. He is weirdly obsessed with green beans.
* So good at cuddling. He loves a good cuddle, and has no problem finding someone to cuddle him.
*Loves books.

Fun with Friends

Loves to cuddle Grandpa

Every month I say "this is my favorite month". I have loved the 6 month! I love seeing his little personality start to form. Kristopher and I are loving every minute of being his parents.


elizabeth said...

You're so lucky he's got beautiful blue eyes. He seems to e growing up all at once. Hopefully not entirely before I can meet him some day.

Rachel Hagen said...

So cute!!! I wish I could see him, I can't get over how adorable he is!!