Thursday, February 25, 2010

I love the Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday Kristopher!

I can go on and on at any given moment about my amazing husband, but his birthday is the perfect moment to do so. Kristopher, I wanted to give you 24 "loves" on your 24th birthday...

1. I love that you make me laugh ALL the time.
2. I love that you always open the car door for me. It's the little things that make me feel so special.
3. I love when you talk in your sleep. It really entertains me during my nights of insomnia.
4. I love that you are so hard working.
5. I love that you have goals and direction for yourself and our family.
6. I love that even though you know I will not cave in and get another puppy, you still look online and email me your favorites.
7. I love that you always have my best interest in mind.
8. I love that you change Colin's dirty diapers with your shirt over your nose.
9. I love that you dig older women. Well, one in particular.
10. I love that even though you get up at 5 every morning, you get up before me on your days off to make me breakfast or clean the house.
11. I love that you come in to kiss me goodbye every morning before you leave.
12. I love hearing your made up songs you sing to Colin when you're getting him ready.
13. I love that you know every word to "I wanna dance with somebody" by Whitney Houston.
14. I love that you call Charlie our "son".
15. I love seeing you work so hard with the priests. They are so lucky to have you serve with them.
16. I love how you always let me have the window seats when we fly.
17. I love hearing you pray.
18. I love that you always call your mom just to see how her day was and what she's up to.
19. I love that you let me win at mario cart, and try and play it off that you really didn't.
20. I love that everyday you tell me I'm beautiful and what a good mom I am. It means more to me then you'll ever know.
21. I love how much you love being a dad, and how great you are at it.

22. I love that you make me want to be a better person, because you are such a wonderful example.
23. I love that you asked for my number.
24. I love spending every day with you as your wife, and know that I get to be for all of Eternity.

Happy Birthday my LOVE!


Kate Kreider said...

You fogot that you love that he loves his SIL almost as much as you!!!!

What a sweet tribute!!!

elizabeth said...

Oooh. I love that new family picture. Happy Birthday Kris.