Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Time flies by so fast when you're not pregnant

I know I say this all the time, but where do my days go? Next week Colin will be 20 weeks old. 20 weeks in pregnant land is halfway. It feels like you've been pregnant for 10 years, and that you have a lifetime to go. After the baby is born it's a different story. When we first brought him home, I almost had this weird anxiety, like I was afraid I was going to miss something. That I would blink and he would be a big boy. The sad thing is, that is how it goes. I'm learning to love every second I have with my "little man'.

I mainly blog about Colin, cause he is a huge deal at our household, and for my family who live so far away. But despite what you might think, we actually do other things beside looking at our incredibly good looking child (every mother is entitled to feel that way about their own kid right?). I got laid off from my job, so I am enjoying being able to be at home with Colin. I love having him on a better schedule. I am looking for a job, but am just enjoying the time off for now. Kristopher is doing so well at his job. I love seeing him happy to go to work. I feel like since we've been married he hasn't been too crazy about his job, but he is really enjoying this one. He is liking his classes. I get to help him study sometimes, which makes me feel like a student. I sometimes miss being one. We are lucky to live so close to family. They are so great to watch Colin and allow us to go on date nights. It is such a treat! We took it for granted when we didn't have a kid. Now they are more scarce, but more treasured!

Colin is 4 months!

I'm weird and like to get him weighed right on the month mark, to keep a good track of his weight gain. He had a slow start gaining weight, and has had severe spitting up issues, so I always like to make sure his gaining appropriatly. He was put on meds to help with the spitting up, so I was eager to see his weight now that he was holding down food. Right at 4 months he was 12 lbs 1 oz. We had is actual 4 month appointment today. And here's his stats: (This is a lot of info for me to keep track of and for grandma's to keep in the know. Feel free to skip.)

Weight: 12 Lbs 9 Oz (15th percentile)
Height: 23 5/8 inches (10th percentile)
Head: 43.2 Cm (75th percentile).. our very own little bobble head!

He's been very constistant in his weight. About a pound a month. He still wears his 0-3 (although it makes since why I can barely get his head through his shirts..) And has started to wear his 3-6 month stuff. It's always sad when I have to put his cute clothes away in his "out grown" box, but I look forward to all the cute clothes he will fit in eventually.

This last month he:

*Giggled! I love hearing his little giggle box! They are still few and far between, but I will take what I can get.

* Is more active with his toys. He enjoys batting, grabbing, and pulling.

* Has newfound love for mirrors. He LOVES looking at himself. What a vain little boy!

He is laying on a blanket of mine from when I was a baby

* Babbles, Babbles, and more Babble.

* Lost most of his hair. At times it looks very blonde coming in, but we'll have to wait to see what it will end up looking like.

* Got his first cold. The Doctor said today that his throat was really red and inflamed. He can barely breath through his nose, eyes constantly water, and has a mean (yet extremely cute) cough. Poor little guy has been such a trooper. Not complaints from him!

* 2 words: Index. Finger. All day, everyday.

* He has latched on to his "baby". It's a cute monkey that my mom gave him. He loves to have it with him at all times. Including while he got his shots today. Melt my little heart!

And just for fun.. With his Aunt Maddie, whom he LOVES!


joeAMANDAcolemolly said...

He really is just perfect! I love his cute, red lips. And his eyes are gorgeous. And I have to say, I do see some Kreider in him! Yay!!

elizabeth said...

Lookin' good in the hat Colin. Sorry about the cold. :( My mom bought my girl a little snuggle thing too. Can't wait to see her cuddle with it and hopefully look as cute as Colin does.

Jamie said...

he is just too cute libby! i know what you mean about makes me want to cry when i realize my baby is a 2 year old now. keep writing everything down. you'll regret it if you don't! what a cute mommy you are! miss ya!

Cami said...

Adorable! We would love to continue to view your blog! We haven't seen you guys in so long! Hope everything is going well :)