Thursday, November 24, 2011


I have so much catching up to do.  The month of October was a great month for us.  My Mom was out here for 2 1/2 weeks and my Dad came for a week during that time.  It was so nice having them here.  My Mom was a huge help to me and Colin was in Heaven having his Mama Dee with him 24/7.  While my parents were here we did a lot of fun things.

We celebrated Halloween with Trunk or Treat and trick or treating on Halloween night:

Blessed David.  Kristopher gave such a beautiful blessing.  We had lots of support from our wonderful family and friends there.

We went to Temple Square,  This Is The Place, Park City,  Wheeler Farm and played lots:

I loved every minute I got to spend with them here.  I got a glimpse of what it would be like living by my parents.  I enjoyed the little things like going to Costco with them.  I thought it would get easier with time saying goodbye to them, but I think it just gets harder.  I love seeing them interact with my kids.  They are amazing parents and grandparents.  I am already counting down to our visit to Orlando during Christmas.  


elizabeth said...

I would love having your Mom's help for two weeks too. You have wonderful parents.

I thought David would be Elmo's doll David for Halloween. J/K. They both looked so cute. I'm sure Claire would be very jealous of Colin's Halloween costume.

Congratulations on the blessing and your beautiful new family. Love you!

Rae said...

You are so pretty Libby!
I love that second picture. It looks like a real Elmo sitting there next to David, hahaha. Made me chuckle.