Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

This post is way overdue.  In Mid-May we got to travel to Alabama to visit my side of the family.  Kristopher and Colin have not met my extended family on both my mom and dad's side.  They all live relatively near each other in Alabama, so it was nice to get to see just about everyone.  It's a trip I don't get to take too often, and realized while I was there that it needs to happen more often then it has in the past.  We had such a blast! We even got to spend a day in Tennessee where I grew up.  It was fun for me to show Kristopher that part of my life that he has never seen.  We took him by the house and surrounding area where I grew up.  I always told him it was in the middle of nowhere and I don't think he ever got it until he saw it.  He commented on the fact that he had a hard time seeing me there cause I'm so not an outdoors person.  I was privileged to grow up in an incredibly beautiful place, and at one time I really did love the outdoors.  We ate so much delicious southern food.  I was so proud of Kristopher for trying everything that was offered, he loved it all!  I think he is a southern boy at heart.  My parents and sister Katie traveled down to be with us during that week.  It's always fun to be around them and I wish it happened more often!  So here is a picture overload of the weeks events.

     Dinner with some of my family from my mom's side                                                              
All the family on my mom's side

Visiting the family cemetery

Uncle Ron
Uncle Butch

Colin would get hot and he quickly figured out that the headstones would cool him off
Pa Pa teaching him how to say "Moo"
With my mom at her great grandpa's home

Aunt Kiki!

Aunt Pernie

Aunt Lynn and Uncle Mitch

Cousins Christy and Abbie

Loved playing BBall at Uncle Mitch's

After spending a few days with my mom's side, we traveled to Huntsville area to spend time with my dad's side of the family.

With cousins Steven and Kelly

Being rocked my Ma Ma 

Enjoying his new golf set from Grammy D and Pa Pa

Learning the moves from Pa Pa

Visiting my Pa Pa's grave

 Lynchburg, Tn

Downtown Lynchburg

 The Space and Rocket Museum in Huntsville, AL

One day we got to travel to Tullahoma, TN, where I was born and lived there until I moved to TX when I was twelve.  Our house was actually outside of town quite a bit.  Like I said it was kind of in the middle of nowhere, but completely beautiful.  Right down the street from my old house is a historical site.  It's called Ledford Mill.  There is a bed and breakfast, pond and lots of waterfalls.  It's where our water came from when we lived there.  Nice great tasting fresh spring water!  As a kid we would always walk down to this area and spend lots of time there. I loved being back there.  It made me think a lot about growing up there, it really was a great place to grow up!

In front of the Bed and Breakfast

This little stream lead to a great big waterfall, however it was way too cold to walk in the water to get a picture of it.


Colin with his beautiful Grammy D

A waterfall that came out by the bed and breakfast

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Amanda said...

Looks like such a great trip! Ahh... so many memories. I loved seeing your pictures. We'll be there in a couple weeks!