Friday, March 4, 2011

Aunt Kiki comes to visit

My sister, Katie (aka Aunt Kiki), surprised Kristopher for his birthday.  We did lots of playing, shopping, and way too much eating.  Colin got sick with the croup the day she got here.  I teased her that she's not invited back because the last two times she has come, I ended up in the ER and this time Colin almost did.  Of course we didn't get any picture until the last day the was here.  She had an afternoon flight, so we went to lunch with Kristopher on his lunch break.  Please come back soon Aunt Kiki!

Kristopher's birthday cake

My favorite picture!

Loves his Kiki

He's very passionate with his kisses..


Amanda said...

Pretty girls!! And such a cute little boy - you can just feel his personality in these pictures! Looks like a fun trip.

Rae said...

Looks like such a yummy cake! And a fun weekend.

elizabeth said...

Happy birthday Kris. Poor Colin. Hopefully he feels better by now.