Friday, January 14, 2011

15 months

On Christmas Eve, Colin turned 15 months. We just did his check up this week. I am the biggest baby in the whole world when it comes to Colin getting shots. Kristopher usually comes to do the holding down part, but had to work. Lucky for me my wonderful SIL Maddie came to do his job. Colin was brave and only cried for a few seconds, when he got his shots. However he screams his head off during everything else. He has a slight issue with being examined. He screams to the point of blood vessels breaking on his face. I know, its quite dramatic.

At 15 Months Colin:

Weighs 19 lbs 11 oz (0%), Is 30 3/4 inches (35%) tall, and has a great big noggin, 49.4 cm (75%).

Yes, I included the 3/4 inches in his height because I am THRILLED to see a growth spurt.
No, the Dr. is not concerned about weight, that percentile in normal for him.
Yes, I often wonder how he supports that large head on a little frame.


To smother you with kisses, wanted or not. Sometimes tongue..
Sid the Science Kid
Blocks or anything that resembles blocks
Any kind of ball. He is obsessed with balls. Basketball, baseballs, soccer balls, footballs, hockey pucks, balloons, bubbles,
circles, the sun and moon, ect... If it looks anything looks like a ball, he goes crazy. He will watch any sport game for this
very reason. Which pleases his Dad.
His bed.
the sound of his own voice
To count 1-2-3, in english or spanish. He holds up his fingers with the apropriate number. He would have you count to him
all day if you let him. Kinda weird..
Cars, trucks, boats
to eat- He his becoming a much better eater.
Fruits, yogurt, oatmeal, anything with a sauce or dip
Loves looking at pictures, especially of people he knows


Being messy. He doesn't like to get messy at all, so I usually have to feed him. Just recently
though I am able to put things on his highchair and he will eat with his hands. As long as they aren't messy foods. I blame
my germaphobe brother for this one.
waiting on his BAH (bottle). Yes, he still takes his milk in one. Morning and Night. The Dr told me to break him of it. I have
being held down
being woken up from naps
people in masks
being laughed at. Laughing with him is totally welcomed, but he knows the difference. He's sensitive.
Green veggies. I try, he declines

Words he says:

Pa, Pampa=Grandpa
Pop Pop= Pa Pa (my dad)
Bah=bottle, sippy cup, anything to drink
nigh nigh=night night
sh*t=sit, we try not to encourage this one
Uuoo=Uno, do=dos, tss=tres

Ma Ma, Da Da, Dad, Maddie, butt, dog, dirt, sock, shoe, and more I can't think of at the time. Like I said, he likes to hear himself talk.

Things to remember:

When we ask him if he wants something he likes (Grammy, Maddie, ball, cookie ect) he giggles

When we ask him if he wants to go "night night" he giggles and walks to his room saying "nigh nigh" and walks right to his crib. We pick him up and say prayers. He clasps his hands when we pray. He waits to here "amen" and dives into his crib. Does the same thing when we say "Let's go change your butt", but to his changing table.

Covers his ears. We say "I don't want to hear it" and he covers them. But most of the time he does it when you are just talking to him. It's cute now, but will not be so cute when he's older.

Will do anything for a clap. If you clap at something once, be prepared to clap over and over for the same thing.

Does the sign for "more" when he wants more of something. This was taught to him while he was being watched by family members when we had to be at the hospital a lot. One day he started making the sign to me and I had no idea what he was doing, until he did it in front of our Aunt who taught him and she told us. I guess I should teach him more signing.

He makes this sound when he points to things he wants, and wants you to tell him what it is. It sounds like "ugh", kinda like a version of "huh". He also says this when people ask him questions or just talk to him. When Colin is brought up in conversation, someone will usually make that sound. It's kind of like his trademark.

He likes to do all his tricks in a row. So he'll clasp his hands like he's praying, rub them together like he's washing his hands. Cover his ears, blow kisses, and trys to count holding up his fingers. Then repeat. Sometimes he's crazy and mixes up the order.

Colin has been such a blessing to us, especially during this time. When I first found out I was pregnant, I had doubts. I thought that it wasn't the best timing, and that I had some things I wanted to do before we started our family. They were very selfish feelings. I didn't quite understand the reasoning for him coming to us at this time. Needless to say he was our "accident" baby. From the day he was born, we wouldn't have reversed that accident for anything in this world. It only took 14 short months to realize that our little accident, was no accident. That our "accident" was very much on purpose. Someone knew better than I did, that we would need Colin in our lives at this time, in more ways to count. We got to see our Dad love on one of his greatest joys. We got to see Colin light up every time he walked into the room. We have a wonderful piece of Heaven here to help heal our hearts. I am very thankful for "accidents".

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