Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween

We had a fun halloween this year. We went Trunk or Treating the Friday night before. Colin was a cute little frog, and we went as sumo wrestlers. It was so fun seeing Colin choose his candy and put it in his bag. He was very selective with his candy. He would pick out suckers, nerds (he loves to shake them), and anything yellow (he says "duck" when he sees yellow things). If someone didn't have any of those items he would turn his head away. So pretty much was a total candy snob. He didn't get that from me, cause I do not discriminate on any candy. Well maybe black licorice.

On Saturday night, we went to our Grandma/Grandpa Schow's house. They have a long time tradition of having everyone over for lasagna before trick or treating. It's so fun to get together with our cousins on that side. There are so many mine and Kristopher's age. Plus everyone is having babies right and left, so Colin is well entertained. Last year 3 babies joined the family, and this year there were 3 more. So far there is one more being added next year. I love that Colin will have lots of kids to play with when we all get together. Since the weather was so bad we only went trick or treating to a few houses. It's just so much fun seeing how he reacts to it all. It will be even more fun next year when he's walking and talking more. So here are some pictures from both nights.

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elizabeth said...

I wish Colin stopped by our house. We passed out Nerds. You two look fantastic. Love it.