Monday, October 18, 2010


Today is our two year anniversary! I can't believe how fast time flies. Kristopher and I got to go out to celebrate on Saturday night (thanks Maddie!). We went to the Melting Pot. Neither of us have been, and always wanted to try it. It was so good! I would recommend it to everyone. We got made fun of because we made the reservation for 5:00. I believe my sister said we were going for the "early bird special". I'm so glad we did though because we were there over 2 hours. It is a perfect place to go on date nights. The booths are very private. It was nice to be able to just talk and enjoy each other's company without the distractions of little man.

This last year we have had many wonderful and fun times. We have also had our fair share of trials. It is at these times that our relationship is able to really grow and mature. I love having him by my side for all of it. I couldn't ask for a better person for me to go through life with. I'm one lucky lady!

Us at the Melting Pot


Jamie said...

awe, cute picture! happy anniversary and many more to come! : )

Rachel Hagen said...

yeah!! Happy Anniversary! You look Gorgeous in the pic!